4. BYR req okay! okay to request with priv or main. i talk about what i want, dont follow me if you solo stan or anti anyone from BTS. idc if you solo stan or anti from other groups. no they/them. if you drag bts ill drag your faves. u need a carrd to req to follow me (unless i fllw). i am not a blink i just solo stan jennie & jisoo. .. scroll ↓5. DNR -14 (unless i fllw 1st) support NCT. dont have any groups in common with me. ure a nctzen or blink. just dont be weird jfc. bg stan. u like any of aespa girlies besides ningning (doesnt apply/ignore if ure black)6. NOTES ( 1.) don't make tuts of my crds please (2.) im hyperfixate on vminkook but i love all of them (3.) all my crds r pro plus only

Stan list

6. KPOPbts fromis_9 izone ningning jennie jisoo taeyeon red velvet twice .. scroll ↓7. Western giveon summer walker zendaya madison beer ariana grande megan thee stallion chloexhalle 8. Ults of ults bts vminkook 9. Ults yuri wonyoung fromis jisun jiwon hayoung twice dahyun chae nayeon 10. Others ningning jennie jisoo (solo) rv sooyoung taeyeon